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I was so nervous before my 1st appointment I didn’t know what to do with myself. Serenna was very welcoming and made me feel relaxed straight away. This enabled me to discuss my problems at work. I’m so glad I had the courage to make that appointment.
Jenny B - Dorchester

My husband and I argue a lot and I was all set to get divorced. My husband eventually agreed for us to have some sessions with Serenna. She wasn’t judgemental and helped us to see why we were clashing and what we could do about it. We are communicating a lot better and are planning a week away together next month.
John and Lucy D - Weymouth

My 3 children have been very naughty and very unsettled since my husband and I separated. We have all been to see Serenna and life at home is now so much better. Everyone is getting some individual attention, helping out and life is fun again. Mary P - Bridport

My Dad is so controlling and wouldn’t let me go out with my friends, wear makeup or watch what I wanted on the TV.. He was making my life a misery. The school referred us to Serenna through the Dorset Child and Family Counselling Trust. Dad finally realised that I am a teenager and that he needs to give me some independence and to trust me. Gemma L - Preston

My partner and I were in the middle of separating, the children weren’t coping and there were lots of arguments and slamming of doors. The GP referred us to Serenna. We have parted but with Serenna’s support we managed to do it by communicating and considering how every family member could be supported. It has not been easy but we are managing to come to terms with the situation and we are definitely all a lot happier.
The Burns Family - Dorchester

My daughter died in a car accident 3 months ago. Serenna has allowed me to cry a lot and to talk about how I feel. Slowly things are a little easier and I am accepting that my daughter is not here anymore.
Mary G - Beaminster.

Over the years many professionals have tried to get to the bottom of my ‘troubles’ ( depression and low self esteem). When I met Serenna I saw she was a compassionate person with a deep understanding of human nature. This made for a very positive association and helped bring about significant changes in my life which much more manageable and enjoyable now.
William S - Puddletown