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Parenting Course
Steps to Conscious Parenting

A 12 module course to enrich your parent-child relationships.

I am starting this course at the above address on Friday – September 19th 10 – 1pm including lunch break. There is also the option to join an evening course.

Cost £20 per week.

The course is based on Psychology of Vision. It offers a fresh perspective on parenting that forgoes simplistic do’s and don’ts for a deeper understanding of why and how.

During the course you will learn how to:

Contents Overview

Step 1 Getting Started

Step 2 Emotional Intelligence

Step 3 Communication

Step 4 Children’s Development

Step 5 The Iceberg Model explained

Step 6 Response-ability

Step 7 Parenting Traps

Step 8 Parenting Triumphs

Step 9 Family Dynamics and Roles

Step 10 The Key to Freedom

Step 11 Block Busting

Step 12 A Commitment to Parenting


In the process of this course I realised that my own children are my biggest teachers and that they offer me the best opportunity to grow into a better mother, better person. The effects of this have been close to a miracle; I am having so much more fun with my kids now! I am also much more patient with them and, myself. In fact my whole life has changed. I feel like I have been returned to life, to love and friendship, to happiness. I feel very blessed being part of this and would encourage everyone to do it too. You won’t look back. Kat.

Serenna Davies - Psychology of Vision Graduate Counsellor Family Therapist Health Visitor and Nurse.