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Counselling and Therapy

Private and Confidential sessions are held in a safe and supportive environment. There is no waiting room so you won’t meet other people. Sessions last for 1 hour.

Professional Counselling is a way of talking through things that are not working for you in your life. This can help you to share your worries and concerns and be helped to look at or approach issues in a different way. Strategies and pointers will be given to help you lead a happier and more positive life.

Therapy is a way of delving deeply into problems or blocks that are causing us problems, worries and concerns. Life can be greatly improved by changing negative patterns and beliefs. The causes may be childhood issues, relationship problems or incidences or situations that have had a big impact on your life. In my work I use the principles of Psychology of Vision and all the expertise I have gained throughout my professional life.

Working with Children, Young People and their Families

I usually like to work with the whole family however some young people may prefer to be seen alone.

Working with children may consist of a half hour or one hour session all depending on the age of the child. The time may be spent with the child alone, a parent or altogether. This is decided as we go along. Sometimes grandparents and step parents are encouraged to join as this may help solve a problem or situation. I use fun ways, games and exercises to engage the children that I see and very good results are usually achieved.

Referral can be made directly to Serenna or through the Dorset Child and Counselling Trust or West Dorset Family Therapy

Appointments are available Weekdays - Evenings and Weekends